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Special Cases

Some cases just don't quite fit the immigration boxes.  When it comes to temporary entry, Immigration NZ has wide discretion to grant visas even if the applicant doesn't meet the rules but the circumstances are sufficiently compelling.

Equally, we have an appeal Tribunal and Ministers of Immigration who have the power to grant visas in humanitarian or other exceptional cases.  


For people who are without a valid visa to be in New Zealand, it is possible to request a visa under Section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009 or, depending on timeframes, to lodge an appeal against Deportation on humanitarian grounds.   Again, the grounds need to be sufficiently strong.  It is not enough to merely want to spend more time here.  


At Into NZ we have experienced and fully licensed advisers on hand to represent you if we feel your case has merit.  


Book to talk to us today to get advice on your situation.

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