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Every Client of Into NZ enjoys a meaningful level of job search support. Finding a job offer from off-shore, we know, can be daunting.  You are trying to break into a job market that is new to you.  There are aspects, cultural and procedural that you need to understand. New Zealand employers, while getting better at offering jobs by remote, often still tell candidates that once they are in New Zealand (on a work visa) to get in touch.


This sets up a seeming Catch-22 where you need the job to get the visa, but the employer wants you to get a visa first.  Employers put up this barrier for all sorts of reasons, ranging from simply not needing or wanting to engage with the immigration process to simply thinking it is the right thing to place on their advert.

We are here to help break down the barriers that stand between you and that all-important New Zealand job offer.  We've been doing this for 20+ years and we're good at it!  We are also highly networked.  We have access to an ever-expanding network of business consultants, HR Advisers, NZ employers, and employees working inside NZ businesses. We work with select recruiters who understand how to reverse market migrant candidates. 

So while ultimately, the only person who can secure you a job offer remains you, we can help break down those barriers that stand between you and a New Zealand job offer.  We love nothing more than to help "date match" NZ employers who are genuinely looking to fill skills shortages with good overseas candidates through our "Job Connect" service.

We can work with you while job searching on various fronts.  All full-fee paying Clients will receive the following included Job Search support:

  • Our "Five Cornerstones" guide to Job Seeking as a Migrant to New Zealand;

  • Five one-on-one sessions with our Team to step you through the Five Cornerstones;

  • a CV appraisal and recommendation as to whether we think your CV needs a professional upgrade - we will not make you spend money on that unnecessarily;

  • Making the first five job applications for you to show you how it is done professionally;

  • Sharing of your details with and introductions to our network of employers and recruiters as appropriate to further your job search;

  • Provision of a letter to accompany your job applications that explains (in a meaningful way) your immigration eligibility;

  • Follow up with employers who are showing interest in you to discuss how the visa process can work and to offer support to the employer as appropriate (taking into account the varying levels of employer experience and knowledge on the subject). 

  • Full interview preparation.

We then offer the following additional services which you can choose from:

  • a full professional CV makeover;

  • a uniquely powerful migrant-specific tailored Cover Letter that complements the included immigration Cover Letter;

  • LinkedIn profile optimization (LinkedIn being the most successful recruiting tool for professionals);

  • Seek Profile (Seek is NZ's leading job website);


There's nothing quite like having one of our team in your camp to help you clinch that all-important job offer, with peace of mind that the visa process will then fall into place.

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