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Compulsory Accreditation for Employers from mid-2022

From 4 July 2022, the Accredited Employer Work Visa or "AEWV" replaced six visa types including Essential Skills and Talent Work to Residence.  If you are looking to hire a migrant who does not already hold a work visa, this is the visa that is needed.  There are 3 steps and 2 out of the 3 steps are for the employer to do and pay for.




Accreditation comes in 4 different varieties:

Standard: for those employing up to 1-5 migrants during the life of the Accreditation.  The initial duration is 12 months renewable for 24 months.  

High Volume: for those employing 6+ migrants during the life of the Accreditation.  Again, the initial duration will be 12 months renewable for 24 months.

Triangular/Labour Hire:  This is for businesses that wish to place the workers with 3rd party entities and for that the requirements are more stringent.


Franchisees: here, again, the rules are more stringent.  No Franchise Business can apply to become accredited until trading for at least 12 months.


Step 2:  The "Job Check".   


A job check can cover multiple roles provided the roles are all under the same Occupational Code and are within the same region.  The following basic principles apply:

  • If the role is on the Green List and you want the candidate to meet the list requirements you will not need to advertise the job.  

  • If the role is paying at least 2 x Median Wage (Currently $59.32 per hour/123,385.60 per annum (about to be increased to $63.22/ $131,497.6 from 27 Feb 24) for a strictly 40-hour week you will also not need to advertise the job

  • For a role paying less than twice the median that is not Green List, you will need to demonstrate for each particular role that you have been advertising on an acceptable platform and with acceptable content for at least two weeks in the last three months and have been unable to find a suitable Kiwi.

There are Sector Agreements that allow for less than the median wage but the work visa for a person paid < median wage is 2 years.  For all other workers paid at least median wage, the duration of an Accredited Employer Work Visa from 27 November 23 will be 5 years.  Those already on 3 year visas will be able to apply for the balance of 5 years.

Important to understand is that from 27 November 23 a new "maximum continuous stay" for everyone holding an AEWV will be introduced.  This means if after 5 years a person wants to apply for a further AEWV they will either have to spend 12 months out of New Zealand before doing so, or must show they are on a pathway to skilled residence.  This is completely new.  In the past, it was possible to renew a work visa an unlimited number of times for those paid at least the median wage.  The government has wanted to prevent migrants becoming settled without achieving residence.

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