International Students


New Zealand has around 90,000 international students enrolled in Universities, Polytechnics, Private Trainining Establishments and schools. International education contributes around NZD5.1 billion to our economy and is our fourth most important export after our dairy products, meat products, tourism and forestry. 


International fee-paying students need to have an offer of place from a recognised education establishment (whether a school, a private training establishment or a University or Polytechnic).   International student fees are approximately 3 times the rates of domestic fees except for PHDs which are the same, whether you are from overseas or New Zealand.


Most students come to NZ wanting to forge a pathway to residence.  What many are not sufficiently well advised of is that to get residence will require a skilled job offer and that can be a tough challenge when competing against other New Zealand graduates.  


A key ingredient to the success of any study-to-residence plan is STRATEGY.  Making sure you choose a course with strong employment outcomes is a must.  Making sure you also have the level of English language communication and work experience an employer is likely to be looking for are other important considerations.


Unlike some education agents who do not hold licenses to provide immigration advice, at Into NZ we can give you full strategic and independent advice, not just about your student visa but also what lies beyond.


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International students
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