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International Students

International Students can look forward to a fantastic experience here in Aotearoa New Zealand. 


3 Great Reasons to Choose Aotearoa New Zealand:

  1. New Zealand is renowned for its incredible scenery, clean air, relaxed way of life, diversity of cultures, mild climate, economic and political stability, and progressive outlook.

  2. All 8 of our Universities have gone up in world rankings and are in the top 500. Auckland University is ranked #68 in the world.

  3. After Covid, a revamped international student and permanent residence programme puts degree & higher qualifications centre stage.  

Aotearoa New Zealand delivers high-quality and diverse education experiences that are sustainable, globally competitive, and deliver value to all involved. Considerable thought has been given to tying in courses with skills shortages.  We now have a Green List that signals the jobs considered to be most in need - mostly in IT, Health, Science, Teaching, Construction and engineering.   We have a list of Green List courses where job outcomes are likely to provide the greatest return on your investment.  If you are not on the Green List there remain opportunities to study courses that can lead to other job opportunities that meet our Skilled Migrant Residence category.


Our Polytechnics have gone through a restructure designed to make them more efficient.  Our Universities are all investing heavily in new infrastructure.  Since our borders re-opened following Covid-19 our international student numbers have been gaining ground.  There is, however, a focus on quality over quantity unlike competitor countries.

All in all, It has never been a better time to come to these shores to pursue your international education.  Go to Canada, Australia, the USA or Europe and you are likely to be a much smaller fish in a very much larger sea.  Australia, for example, has 1/2 million international students all vying for jobs after studies.  Here in Aotearoa New Zealand we currently have a niche 34,000 international students.  Here are some of New Zealand's strong points in numbers:



In essence, if you want to do something new, think about a New Zealand Education:














3 Great Reasons to Choose Into NZ as Your Representative:

  1. We are not just education agents, we are licensed Immigration Advisers.  The difference is critical as unlicensed agents (who outnumber licensed advisers) are limited by NZ law in the advice they can provide, whereas we are not.  We are therefore a one-stop shop for all your immigration requirements.  

  2. We are on the ground in Aotearoa New Zealand which means we can offer ongoing support well beyond you landing into the country.  We can share our local knowledge that will help you settle.

  3. We are experts in how to go from studies to residence which for all applicants requires a skilled job.  We are widely connected with NZ companies who may be looking for your skillset.

What you need to be able to secure a student visa:


Full fee-paying students need to have an offer of place from a recognised education establishment (whether a school, a private training establishment or a University or Polytechnic.   International student fees range from around NZD15,000 to NZD80,000 depending on the type of course and duration.  Typical costs for a Bachelor's Degree would be NZD26000 per year.  For a Master's, NZD35,000-75,000.  On top of your tuition fees, you must be able to show living expenses of NZD20,000 per year. NZD4,200 for a Partner.  

How to progress from a student visa to residence:

Most students come to NZ wanting to forge a pathway to residence.  What many are not sufficiently well advised of is that getting residence will require a skilled job offer and that can be a tough challenge when competing against other New Zealand and overseas graduates.  


A key ingredient to the success of any study-to-residence plan is STRATEGY.  Making sure you choose a course with strong employment outcomes is important if you are looking to work in New Zealand.  Making sure you also have the level of English language communication and work experience an employer is likely to be looking for are other important considerations.


At Into NZ we hold licenses as immigration advisers precisely so we can give you full strategic and independent advice, not just about your student visa but also what lies beyond.  

Common reasons for declining students are:

  • funds - you will need to prove you have not only the funds to cover the tuition fees and living expenses.   Immigration New Zealand will want to be satisfied as to the origins of the funds and that they will be genuinely available to you.  It is important to get the right advice on what's required.

  • "bona fides" which means "genuine intention".  Applicants must demonstrate they have a genuine lawful purpose in wanting to study in New Zealand and are unlikely to breach visa conditions or overstay.  Students often make visa applications without realising the ease with which Immigration New Zealand can decline if not satisfied with the intention.  It is important to approach the "bona fides" requirement with care and attention.


Complete an Into NZ Visa Check to start your inquiry into international studies in New Zealand.

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