Pre-Migration Planning


Before you set out on your migration journey, there are things you need to know:


  • are your expectations of New Zealand realistic?

  • what are your NZ job prospects?

  • what sort of salary would you get in New Zealand?

  • is your English good enough?

  • are you eligible for a visa?

  • ​do your qualifications need an NZQA assessment?

  • do you have enough funds to comfortably make the move?

  • what healthcare coverage will you get in NZ?

  • what about shipping goods and animals?

  • what education options for your children?


These and other questions need to be answered before you start seriously putting time and energy into a migration plan.  


At Into NZ, we can help you with all your pre-migration planning.  


It starts with an easy eligibility Visa Check.  Click here to start your journey.