Partnership Category


Partners of New Zealand Citizens/Residents and some temporary work or student visas can qualify for a partnership visa in certain circumstances.


Partnerships come in all shapes and forms and New Zealand is pretty liberal - it doesn't matter whether you are married, in a same sex civil union or a de facto relationship.  What does count is being able to prove that you are "living together in a genuine and stable relationship".


For temporary entry there is no stipulated minimum time you must have lived together. To apply for residence, however, you must have been living together for at least 12 months.

If you are the 5+ year Partner of an "ex-pat" Kiwi (some fine print exists around the definition) you may be able to apply for residence but leapfrog to permanent residence.  Something we will consider in our initial assessment.


The key to a partnership application is providing hard evidence of joint living and the stability of your relationship.  A marriage certificate and even children's birth certificates are simply not enough.  


Many applicants fail to appreciate the nuances - especially with young relationships that may be felt to be more in the nature of "going out" rather than partnership.  In 2018, we saw most partnership cases move to a specialist team which has applied a stricter approach than previously.  This has caught applicants unaware.  With centralization comes greater consistency, but also a consistently tougher stance.


At Into NZ we can expertly guide you through the process & make sure:


a) you really are eligible to meet the instructions and

b) you provide the evidence you need to get your case over the line.


We also specialise in cases where there is a developing partnership or marriage where there has been no cohabitation as yet but where the couple want to be able to consolidate the relationship in New Zealand.  Such cases require delicate handling as they do not meet the normal partnership rules.  They can, in certain circumstances, be run as an "exception".

With Covid-19 and the NZ border closures, some cases require a border exception in addition to the normal visa processes.  Again, this is something we have been closely involved with and are able to make the appropriate requests and Critical Purpose visa applications as appropriate. 

If you are in a relationship situation and require expert advice, contact us today for instant help.