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Parents of NZ Citizens/Residents can apply for a 3-year parent/grandparent visitor visa. 


In  certain circumstances they can also  be granted residence to join family in NZ.


There are, in essence, 2 different parent residence categories:


  • Parent Investor Category - requires investment of NZD1 million for 4 years, settlement funds of NZD.5 million + an annual income of NZD60,000 (equivalent) per year.  Your NZ Citizen or Resident adult child does not need to sponsor. NOTE THAT THIS CATEGORY IS STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS CURRENT AS OF 2021 and despite the border closure - we can submit but the grant is deferred until the borders open...


  • Parent Tier 1 - requires you to be sponsored by an NZ Citizen or Resident adult child who has held residence for at least 3 yrs. Financial requirements are that either your sponsor/their partner must earn NZD65,000 on their own or NZD90,000 between them OR you yourself must have either NZD.5 million as available settlement funds OR a lifetime guaranteed income of at least NZD27,584 (equivalent) if single or NZD40,523 (equivalent) if with a partner or spouse.   You must submit an Expression of Interest and be Invited to Apply for residence. PLEASE NOTE THAT SINCE 2017 THIS CATEGORY HAS BEEN ON HOLD AND IS AWAITING REVIEW.  An EOI can be submitted but there are no selections currently.


All share in common that you must have a New Zealand citizen or resident child living in New Zealand to support or sponsor your application, no dependent children and you must be a competent user of English - if English is not your second language you must be able to either achieve an IELTS test result of 4+ or be prepared to pre-purchase English language tuition at set rates.


For more information contact us today to find out which, if any, of the parent categories you could apply under.