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Everything you'd want in an immigration team.

Ethical, respected, strategic & driven to go the extra mile.

At Into NZ we have years of experience at the coalface of the immigration system, both inside and out.  We are a team of dedicated, expert and licensed advisers plus support staff that know how to get things done.  Immigration is in our DNA.


Immigration work, done to the highest professional standards requires a mix of skills. While it starts with understanding immigration law, policy and regulations, equally important is the ability to apply those to myriad real life situations.  It also requires experience of the nuances of interpretation as so much of what happens at the coalface of immigration is not what is written on the packet.  At Into NZ, we have worked on both sides of the fence for such extensive periods and been involved with so many cases, we know the system intimately.  We know not just what the law and process is, but how immigration officers think.  Crucially, we also know who and when to pick up the 'phone to when the going gets tough and something needs moving in a way. 

The reality is your best interests are not Immigration New Zealand's concern.  At Into NZ your best interests are our number 1 concern.  As independent migrant advocates, the advice we give is tailored specifically to your situation.  Our aim: to set you up for success.


Even though the immigration process is central, our advice goes well beyond your visas.  Pre-migration planning and settlement support are just as much a part of what we offer depending on where you are in the process and just how much support you need.


At Into NZ you can tap into information and advice about a whole range of issues to do with moving to New Zealand, whether it is about how to find a job or set up a business or what best school options for your children.


Getting an expert in your corner is easy and doesn't have to cost the earth. We can communicate with you wherever you are in the world and have a range of services to suit your needs and budget.


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