Shake on It



The majority of migrants to NZ need a certain type of job offer to be able to meet visa requirements.  Here at Into NZ we can advise you on those job requirements and are also working with NZ employers to help place people in work.  If we are not able to directly place you, we can still work with you to further your job search. 


The Catch-22 for most migrants is the fact they need the job to get the visa, but most employers require you to hold a visa to apply for a job.


The awareness is slowly changing, as employers realise it is possible to offer a job to a migrant who does not hold a visa.  However, experience shows that sensible employers want to be sure that you will be able to qualify for a visa and are ready to apply quickly.


To that end, we work with migrants to make sure the visa strategy is in place and that you are "visa ready" before you apply for a job.  That way, we are able to provide the employer with the necessary assurances around your viability as a candidate.


Not only that, but with years of working with employers and recruiters here on the ground in New Zealand, we have many contacts we can put you in touch with and can also guide you on how best to market yourself in the New Zealand job market.  There's nothing quite like having one of our team in your camp to help you clinch that all-important job offer, with peace of mind that the visa process will then fall into place.


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