Immigration Advice


Being licensed to provide immigration advice is a legal requirement in New Zealand.  At Into NZ, our advisers hold full licenses to provide immigration advice. We also offer much more than licensing as an endorsement of our expertise & professionalism.  Our advisers are among the best in the industry, with many years' experience as full-time law & immigration practitioners.


No two immigration cases are cut from the same cloth and migrants choose to use advisers for different reasons.  Some will have cases that involve complex legal or policy issues.  Others may have a straightforward case but which requires urgency. Some clients simply prefer the ease of having someone else take care of all the immigration paperwork so they can focus on all the other things they need to do to move to New Zealand.  Some cases may involve a combination of any or all of the above.


Unlike most immigration consultancies, at Into NZ we are happy to provide different levels of support depending on the degree of difficulty or urgency and extent to which you want to do the work yourself.  Most clients choose us to run their entire visa application but we can provide advice & checking but without full representation. 


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