At Into NZ we offer a range of services to suit your needs and budget. Fees are generally fixed and payable in installments in line with the different stages of work.   Factors that will influence cost include:


  • complexity

  • urgency

  • number of family members migrating with you

  • where you are in the world and whether visa applications will be made on-shore or off-shore

  • whether your visa applications will be made online or on paper

  • how far along in the process you are

  • whether you have documents that require translation into English 

  • whether you need pre-migration, job search or settlement support

  • whether you come to us with problems that need fixing after the fact


We offer different levels of service and discounts where you are applying for temporary and residence visas at the same time.


Here are our most common fees:


Consultations:                            $275 + GST for 1 hour 

Skilled Migrant Residence:     see our different levels of service here

Partnership Residence:           from NZD3000-6000 + GST

Parent Tier One Residence:    NZD9000 + GST

Parent Retirement:                  NZD9000-12000 + GST

Temporary Work Visa:             NZD1750-3000 + GST

Student Visa:                              NZD1000-1500 + GST

Visitor Visa:                                Varies widely from as little as NZD500 + GST to NZD3000  + GST depending on circumstances - some visitor visas can 

                                                       be extremely complex!

Entrepreneur Work Visa:        POA as depends on scope and complexity of business plan but starting at NZD9,000 

Investor Residence Visa:        POA 

Investor Plus:                            POA,


GST is the New Zealand Goods & Services Tax and is 15%.  It is payable by clients who are on-shore or NZ tax residents.  


If you are off-shore throughout the services we provide then no GST will be payable.  


If you wish to lodge your own visa application but would like pre-lodgement checking or advice we work to an hourly rate of NZD275 + GST.


Please note that for cases involving complex character, health or other issues you can expect to pay additional fees, depending on the degree of complexity.


For all Immigration application fees please note that these last increased in December 2015 and we will quote you precisely what fees will apply to your case so you have a clear idea of the total costs involved.