Entrepreneur Visas:


If you're an experienced business person interested in a move to New Zealand and buying into or starting your own business,  the Entrepreneur Category could be for you. It starts with the 3 year Entrepreneur Work Visa (granted initially for 12 months to allow for business start-up, followed by a further 2 years once established in the business).


As well as meeting health, character and English language requirements (IELTS 4 or other evidence) you will need a clear and viable business plan, at least 120 points and a minimum capital investment of NZ$100,000 (NZ$200,000 in most cases).  You also need to have sufficient funds to cover living expenses during the first 3 yrs without relying on any business income.  We actually recommend you have at least NZD400,000 to consider this category.


After successfully running your business for  2 years you can apply for residence.  Where your investment has been NZ$500,000 + and you have created 3+ new full-time jobs for New Zealanders the 2 years can be reduced to 6 months.


Investor Visas:


New Zealand has 2 types of investor residence class visas:  


  • Investor Plus

  • Investor


Investor Plus has a minimum investment threshold of NZ$10 million invested in an "acceptable investment" for at least 3 years.  There is no age limit and no English language requirements.  The time to be spent in New Zealand is just 44 days per year during the 3 year investment period.


Investor requires a minimum investment of NZ$3 million for a period of 4 years.  There is an age limit of 65 and an English language requirements of IELTS 4 (or alternative).  Time spent in NZ for the 4 year investment period is 146+ days per year.   You also need to be able to prove business experience in running or owning or senior management of a business with a turnover of at least NZ$ 1 million or employing 5 full-time employees.  The Investor Category is a points-based system, involving an Expression of Interest and full application stage.


Key issues are: proving legality of funds; meeting "acceptable investment" criteria; proving acceptable "business experience" (Investor only).  At Into NZ we can advise on these and all other aspects of the Business/Investor policies.


Complete an NZ Visa Check to start the ball rolling on your move to NZ as an Entrepreneur or Investor.  

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